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American-Irish writer and historian Mary Jane Cryan has been living in Italy since 1965. An international educator, researcher and writer, she has also been an official Vatican guide, Site Director and lecturer for Elderhostel and the creator of start-ups for numerous American universities, high schools, writers’ and artists’ workshops.

She continues to put her experience to good use acting as consultant for tourism and educational endeavors and as enrichment lecturer aboard luxury cruise ships plying the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Black Seas.

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Her byline appears in scholarly Italian and English language  journals (La Loggetta,  The Irish Sword), best-selling guidebooks (Eyewitness Guide to Rome, Fodor’s Italy Upclose), on Italy’s English language press and Italian lifestyle magazines (Case e Country, Ville e Casali).

While living in Moscow during the Perestroika she was on the staff of Moscow Magazine, the first Western style magazine to appear in the USSR.

In the 1990s a software technology company with offices at the World Trade Center commissioned her to write insider itineraries, intelligent decision guides and recommender systems for the Tuscany region which are still being used by savvy travel agents and travelers looking for travel information and itinerary  advice.

Northern Lazio has inspired her last half dozen publications: Vetralla-The English ConnectionAffreschi-Exploring Etruria,  and Travels to Tuscany and Northern Lazio, based on the 18th century travel diaries of Cardinal Henry Stuart, Duke of York, was presented at the Uffizi Library in Florence in 2004.

For the past two decades Mary Jane has invested  time, knowledge and money to produce  books about Etruria, the central  Italy area  between Rome and Florence that  is  still pristine in its beauty and traditions, unspoiled by mass tourism and well loved by cultured  visitors and residents.

Etruria Editions’  books are researched, written, published and printed  here in central Italy and copies are  marketed and distributed  all over the world from Etruria Editions’ headquarters  located in an historic palazzo in central Italy.     Read reviews  on the Books page  and order directly  from the website.

Besides the Tarquinia-Cardarelli prize for cultural promotion and City of Capranica prize for historical research, her cultural website www.elegantetruria.com has won several awards including Narrare il Lazio prize for the best website about the Lazio Region.

In 2010 she published  Etruria-travel, history and itineraries in central Italy  which was presented at Palazzo del Collegio Romano in Rome and, a few months later,  a limited edition dedicated to 19th century Italian history, The Irish and English in Italy’s Risorgimento.

She regularly publishes on   Italian Notebook and Academia .edu  .

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Most travelers to Italy will have a copy of at least one guidebook Mary Jane helped to write:  DK’s Eyewitness Guide to Rome, Fodor’s,  Designer Bargains in Italy, or perhaps Buying a Home in Italy or Living and Working in Italy . Some of the many books by Mary Jane Cryan

A full bibliography can be seen at this link: http://www.elegantetruria.com/bibliography.htm



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7 pages on Inside the Vatican by Lucy Gordan,  Mary Jane Cryan October 2004-01.


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Etruria Storie e Segreti, Mary Jane’s first book about Northern Lazio in Italian, was released in December, 2013.

It is again available after a  second  printing.
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