Bibliography of Mary Jane Cryan

Bibliography  from 1978 to present

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Includes published books, articles on English and Italian  language newspapers, magazines, web magazines, guidebooks and 12 years of presentations for cultural associations,university groups and enrichment talks on cruise ships

Updated  November    2020  to  include  Enrichment Lectures 

European Lifestyle

Markets and shopping around the Mediterranean
Italy’s Best Celebrations and Festivals
• Europe’s Best House Museums -from Portugal  to Greece

Italy’s top  House Museums from  North  to  South

  • Top discoveries in art and archeology for 2016/2017 /2018
    • Foreign Artists and Archeologists in Central Italy
    • Painted Palazzi – a panorama of Italian palazzi with fresco cycles
    • A Fascination with old maps – curiosities, values, cartographic crime
    • Europe’s beautiful canal cities – St. Petersburg, Bruges, Venice

    Italy, Sicily, Sardegna and other islands
    • Italy before the Romans-Who were the pleasure seeking Etruscans who taught the Romans about architecture, religion and good living? Discovering Etruscan sites near Rome: Tarquinia, Cerveteri, Vulci and Norchia

    • Civitavecchia- exploring the historic city and environs, Raphael frescoes, Michelangelo’s fortress , the stories and secrets of Civitavecchia

  • Beyond Rome, Before Tuscany -Daily Life in  central Italy with photos by John Ferro Sims
  • Living in a Castle- best castles to visit near Italian ports
  • Rome’s Hidden Corners and Courtyards- an eyewitness view of Rome, its fountains, sculptures, legends and myths. Discover the Eternal City’s secret places with author of “Eyewitness guide to Rome”
  • Foreign Connections in Central Italy-English, Irish, Polish and French in central Italy through the centuries
  • Venice- hidden corners and courtyards, difficulties and delights of everyday life, festivals, Carnival
  • Sicily- A Triangle of Treasures-An introduction to Sicily’s symbols, history, geography. Italy in the superlative, fusion of civilizations. Taormina’s fame; from the Greeks to the Film Festival
  • Palermo- A Layer Cake of Cultures – Tracing Palermo’s history through its architectural highlights; hidden tunnels built by Arabs, Norman palaces, Capuchin catacombs, the Palatine Chapel and Monreale
  • 1860 English  Volunteers fighting  with Garibaldi  in Sicily during the Risorgimento
  • Coastal Paradise of the Sorrentine Peninsula- islands and archaeology, the Amalfi Coast, Capri, Ischia, famous foreigners from Goethe to Gore Vidal
  • Pompeii and Herculaneum Rediscovered –the archeological history of two famous sites
  • Portofino and The Italian Riviera, beautiful villages from Cinqueterre to Portofino and Portovenere,

famous families and foreigners from the Doria family to the English owner of Castello Brown in Portofino,  Shelley and the Gulf of Poets

  • Riviera Portals to Paradise: St. Tropez, Nice, Portofino, Portovenere
  • Italian Lifestyle and Cultural curiosities, family life from birth to death, inside information about daily life, superstitions, unique museums
  • Festivals Year Round – follow the annual cycle of festivals in Italy and how Italians enjoy holidays. Unusual  festivals include The Wedding of the Trees, Santa Rosalia in Palermo, Santa Rosa and Santa Cristina near Civitavecchia
  • Saints and Sinners –a panorama of famous women who made history happen in Italy from Cleopatra to Paulina Borghese and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, noble women, painters, writers
  • The Extraordinary Bonapartes: Corsica and Elba , the family and its impact on Europe’s history
  • The Heart of Tuscany –Pisa, Livorno and Florence highlights , festivals, famous families , hidden charms, house museums

Spain, Portugal, Malta

  • Malta -an English island halfway between Italy and Africa: capers, Caravaggio, the Knights of St. John then and now, private house museums
  • Lisbon- history and highlights of Portugal’s capital
  • An architectural guide to Barcelona – Gothic to Gaudi and beyond
  • The Spirit of Spain-Huelva and Seville, Easter week celebrations
  • The Pleasures of Palma- history, famous visitors and hidden corners of this island hideawayAfrica, Transatlantic

    • Tempting Tangier -Highlights and History, museums, famous residents and how to visit the kasbah

  • Alexandria-Connecting Egypt with Rome -the ancient and modern city
  • The Awesome Azores – island paradise in mid-Atlantic
  • Gibraltar: The Key to the Mediterranean

Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro

  • Under the Lion’s Wings: the ports of Koper, Zadar and Kotor . From Venetian colonies to modern ports.
  • The Many Faces of Dubrovnik, ancient Ragusa
  • Along the Adriatic-Zadar, Kotor, Korcula and Koper a panorama of the Adriatic ports and islands: Pula, Sibenik,  Hvar, Korcula, Split, Dubrovnik-customized   according to itinerary


Ephesus, the other Eternal City, 4th largest of the Roman empire and  the modern port of Kushadasi

Istanbul -Mosques, minarets and majolica- an introduction to Istanbul Landmarks , palaces and people

of the city on two continents

• Iconic Greece: Santorini and Athens, tips for visiting the city and its many  museums,

Santorini & Mykonos- Life and landmarks of the islands, geology, history & daily life

  • Crete- the Great Island and former Venetian colony of Candia
  • Corfu-A cosmopolitan island refuge , literary and royal  references
  • Rhodes- History and highlights of the island of the Knights
  • Santorini, Crete, Mykonos –Island crossroads
  • Dubrovnik, Ephesus, Santorini- and their connections to Italy over the centuries
  • The Greek, Etruscan and Roman worlds- connecting ancient civilizations• Olympia (Katakalon)- Stories and Symbols  from the ancient Olympic games to contemporary times.

Russia, Baltic countries  and the  Black Sea

• Three Ports-three different countries     An  Introduction to Trabzon (Turkey), Batumi (Georgia) and Sochi (Russia) with literary and historical references

  • The Crimean Riviera-highlights of Yalta, Sevastopol and Odessa with architectural, historical and military references
  • Nessebur, Bulgaria -Unesco Treasure and its Mediterranean connections
  • Copenhagen, Denmark –from Europe’s most ancient royalty to  modern design
  • Daily Life in Soviet Russia during the Perestroika- a personal view with vintage photos (1980s)
  • Working for the Tsars –The Italian artists and architects who built St. Petersburg
  • Highlights of the Hermitage –behind the scenes, art and architecture
  • Artisans and Architecture- Contrasts in Tallin and St. Petersburg
  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

La Loggetta magazine  in  Italian published in Piansano (VT)  Italy

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124  Tuscia internazionale  al femminile

123  Carlo il postino di guerra e Carlino l’amico internato

122   Il Fascino delle radici -“casa musei  nella Tuscia”

Mary Jane, da Loggetta n. 122 (primavera 2020)-17

121  Dinastie d’arte ed artiginato 

120 Etruschi  a New York -una visita  surreale   al MET

P1150100  mettiamo  qualche foto  perche   sono  15 anni  che scrivo  su La Loggetta !


119 Le Madonne vestite-una tradizione antica  stipite Cima

118 Le Pietre ci raccontano  la storia 

117  Dal “panonto”  alle Stelle Michelein-per un turismo enogastronomico

116  autunno  2018  Il turismo internazionale chiama la Tuscia 

115 – estate  2018   Dall’opera alla Fisica quantistica

114 –  primavera 2018  I castelli di Giulio II fra Roma e la Tuscia

113 – inverno 2017/18 Alla scoperta delle cittadine “V

Mary Jane Loggetta lug-set 2014   Clicca  qui per leggere  “Tuscia nelle antiche carte”

Mary Jane da Loggetta n 109 (Inverno 2016-17)-42  Clicca qui per  leggere  un altro articolo  pubblicato  su La Loggetta


108-  autunno  2016 – Viaggiare in Tuscia dal diario cartaceo a quello virtuale e visuale

109-inverno 2016/17  –Nuove scoperte d’arte e storia a Vetralla

110-primavera 2017 – L’invasione dei piemontesi

111-estate  2017 – Grande successo del convegno “Fascinazione Etrusca”

112-autunno  2017 –Le piazze: il salotto buono

  May  2017         Mary Jane Cryan  9th  pubblication   about the Tuscia/Etruria  area of Northern Lazio 

                                              The Painted Palazzo/Il Palazzo Dipinto     in    English and Italian

guida vetralla

special  publication  in both English and Italian  “Exploring Vetralla a walk through the historic center”  -available  directly  from the author, FREE  with  an order for  any of her  other books

copertina Palazzo

See Reviews  on Books page


Luglio  2016   Per la rivista  di Archeotuscia

 “Ferento nei racconti e nei disegni di viaggiatori del passato” ferento 1

 Luglio 2016 –   Sulla rivista  La Loggetta  “Scuole internazionali e turismo scolastico”

Cryan, da Loggetta Estate 2016-17

Curator of English section,2015

Translated   English section,2015

Summer/Estate   2015                 Traduzione/ translation  Castello di Proceno

Italian Notebook     2007-2014 web magazine

  Founding Contributor – magazine dedicated to all things Italian!     

See my   author’s  page  on Italian Notebook  

Article  in  L’Unità d’Italia nell’occhio dell’Europa  (3 volumes, 80 authors , 1,810 pages )                                                           Irlandesi  e Inglesi nel Risorgimento

Major  study for the 150th anniversary of Italian Unification   published by Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerche sul Viaggio in Italia,C.I.R.V.I: Moncalieri, May, 2013    Biblioteca del Viaggio in Italia – Studi  no. 107

unita ditalia

 primo libro in lingua italiana

Latest  book,  first in Italian,  November  2013  


 Edizioni Archeoares, Viterbo

Leggi le recensioni sulla pagina BOOKS

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cover book

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 Italian Notebook

 Sorrento Off Season   Dec.9, 2014

Rome’s Best Cappuccino  June 18, 2014

Contemporary Art Rescues Ancient Fresco May 20, 2014

Caprarola’s Eccentric Beauties Apr 22, 2014

Florentine Facades Mar. 18, 2014

Vintage Armchair Traveling

Bagnaia’s Bonfire of Saint Anthony   Jan 9, 2014

Hidden Norchia  Nov. 12, 2013

Garibaldi’s Double   May 31, 2013

Easter Celebrations Mar. 20,2013

President’s Reception at Villa Spada  Feb. 27,2013

Lunch  at Castello Ruspoli  Feb. 5, 2013

Agrumi of all kinds Jan 14, 2013


2012 -2016     La Loggetta magazine

published in Piansano (VT)  Italy  To subscribe see their website 

No. 107 Estate  2016

  • Scuole internazionali e turismo scolastico

No. 106 Primavera  2016    

  • Giardini storici  e segreti nella Tuscia

No. 105  ott-dic 2015

  •       I nostri castelli… una risorsa per il turismo

No. 104   apr-giu 2015

  •   Rivive la Villa ma  muoiono le fontane

No. 102     gen-marzo 2015

  • Da Turismo per caso a Turismo organizzato

No. 101     ott-dic  2014

  •  Turismo Termale, i ritardi di Viterbo

No. 100    lug-sett 2014

  • La Tuscia nelle Antiche Carte   De Wit map etruria

No. 99  apr-giugno 2014

  • Via Francigena Vetralla città cancellata (with Fulvio Ferri )

No. 98  gen-marzo 2014  

  • Turismo per tutte le tasche..e giapponesi a Vetralla

No. 97 ott-dic 2013 

  • Unesco  -non solo Santa Rosa 

No. 96  lug-sett 2013

  • Belle e capricciose  Le americane di Caprarola 

No. 95  apr-giu 2013

  • Musica e Tradizioni 

No. 93  ott-dic 2012 

  • La Città come Museo Diffuso 

No. 92  lug/sett  

  • Graffiti: i nuovi barbari

No. 91 apr/giu

  • Vetralla: pagine locali (with F.Ferri)
  • “Città” da 230 anni  (with F. Ferri)

 No. 90 gen/mar

  •  Rassegnati alla morte del centro storico (with F. Ferri)
  • Quando Bolsena era Brutta, descrizioni di viaggiatori dell’800
  • Giovani Vetrallesi nel mondo

February 2012– Translation of poetry book by Deborah D’Agostino  Gabbiani di Città   “Sea Gulls of the City” Epsylon   Editrice, Roma


English edition of “Fontana del Papa The past…and the pasta”  by Assuntina Antonacci

March-publication of  The Irish and English in Italy’s Risorgimento, Etruria Editions/Edizioni Archeoares


La Loggetta  magazine

No.  89 ott/dic 2011

  • Strade e vicoli del cento storico
  • Un francese prigoniero a Viterbo -book review  for Fernando Funari

            La Loggetta  No.  87  apr/giu

  •  Incontri e scontri con viaggiatori stranieri (with Giulia Pancani)
  • Giardini in musica da Istanbul a Vetralla (with F.Ferri)
  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

2010  August -Publication of  Etruria-travel,history and itineraries in Central Italy, Etruria Editions/Edizioni Archeoares 

The only English language publication  about  the area of Northern Lazio, Viterbo

                copies  available  for  groups, B&B, agriturismo, hotels  at  50% discount

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Discounts for  student groups

cut of book cover


 La Loggetta  no. 85 ott/dic

  • Cibo, Castelli e Crociere
          La Loggetta  no.  82 gen/mar
  • Navigando fra Rodi, Egitto e Viterbo

NILE GUIDE web magazine

  • This weekend’s festivals in Lazio – June  8, 2010
  • Gastrotourism in Lazio June 23,
  • Music Under the Stars – July 15
  • This door is made for talking – July 28
  • Viterbo’s Festa di Santa Rosa – Aug. 28
  • Barbarano Romano – Oct 14

 2009   La Loggetta magazine

  • Prigioniero in fuga  gen/mar
  • I Tesori di Foro Cassio;  citta e strade romane, sito medioevale,apr/giu
  • Non perdiamo la Trebisonda! Spunti per lo sviluppo del turismo crocieristica
  • Biglietto vincente o perdente per il turismo? Book review-Farmhouse holidays in Viterbo province – genn/feb
  • Review of Edward Corp’s book “The Jacobites at Urbino: An Exiled Court in Transition”  on The Innes Review, Edinburgh Univ. Press, Nov.

2008    La Loggetta magazine, Piansano, Italy

  • Buonaparte …o buona donna? Letizia Bonaparte Wyse    gen/feb
  • Alla ricerca del tempo perduto; fra antiquariato ed aste –  Memories of buying antiques in Viterbo area- lug/ago

2007   La Loggetta

  • Tesori sconosciuti: libri rari e preziosi  Precious books in Vetralla’s library  gen/feb
  • Vetralla nell’800 –book review-  mar/apr
  • Garibaldi’s Blue Jeans sett/ott


  • Stemmi ed epigrafi  papali da salvare, Heraldic monuments to protect in Vetralla, La Loggetta, genn/feb
  • What lies between Rome & Tuscany- Nov- Italy magazine, London
  • Lettera d’amore per una strada-book review “Diva Cassia” mag/giu, La Loggetta
  • La dea Demetra protettrice dell’ambiente e del paesaggio-newly discovered Etruscan sanctuary  lug/ago  La Loggetta
  • Ricordando il Cardinale Enrico Stuart -200° anniversary of Cardinal Stuart’s Death sett/ott   La Loggetta
  • Ricordi Araldici degli Stuart in Italia, nov. Atti della Società di Studi Araldici, Roma


  • Vincenzo Marro- lo scultore poeta – interview– mar/aprile La Loggetta
  • Spunti per la storia internazionale di Vetralla-The International history of Vetralla-   mag/giu La Loggetta
  • Una vita nel legno: Franco Furia-interview – lug/ago  La Loggetta
  • La Saga dei Denham-An Irish family in Northern Lazio, Dec. Biblioteca e Società
  • Stemmi & epigrafi papali a Vetralla, Heraldry in Vetralla- Dec. Sul tutto-bulletin of the Società Araldica
  • Immigrazione di tutti i continenti –Foreigners in Vetralla- nov/dic  La Loggetta


  • Stemmi farnesiani a Vetralla:un crocevia d’arte, architettura e araldica, giugno, Atti  della Società Italiana di Studi Araldici, Torino,
  • La guerra dal “castello” -World War II seen from the Castello in Vetralla-interviews  nov/dic   La Loggetta
  • Altre testimonianze  e ricordi  campo no 68, – Prison camp 68 in  Vetralla   nov/dic La Loggetta
  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

 May  2004 – Publication of “Travels to Tuscany & Northern Lazio”

 Etruria  Editions,Vetralla

 ONLY 5  copies signed by author  remain

They are collector’s  items  and  can be ordered directly  through the dedicated page

 “BOOKS”  or email  to macryan at alice dot com


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travels sm cover



  • Easter in Etruria     Mar/April     Dream of Italy , Washington DC
  • Le Magie di Merlano, Dec.     Case e Country , Milano


  • Viterbo’s  beautiful fountains and beautiful women,  Nov 27,Wanted in Rome                                                     designerbar
  • The Pleasure of Ceramics,   catalogue  for  “Dalla material alla forma” Palazzo Brugiotti,Viterbo
  • Due Cardinali Inglesi a Vetralla, maggio, Atti della Società Italiana di Studi Araldici, Roma
  • Disegni Pellegrini, i disegni di Ludovico Caracciolo,  Dec., Biblioteca e Società, Viterbo
  • Designer Bargains  in Italy, Editoriale Shopping Italia, Milano
  • Vetralla – The English Connection , Davide Ghaleb Editore,Vetralla


2001  Publication of Affreschi Exploring Etruria   (with Norman Roberson ) affreschi copert

There are  5 collector’s  copies of this book  still available  

Send a request  to the author  macryan at alice dot com  for further information and cost


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Sept. 2001 – Publication of  Vetralla: The English Connection-un frammento ritrovato di storia vetrallese, Etruria Editions,  Vetralla


         Publication of Living and Working in Italy, Survival Books, London2 books covers

  • Reportage Tuscia -Archeologia tra le terme, Mar, Ville e Casali,Roma
  • Rustic, rowdy Lenten lunch-Italy Daily,Feb 23 –International  Herald Tribune, New York


  • Upclose Italy,  revised   Sardinia ,  Fodors Guides, New York   upclose
  • Lenten lunch on the lake, Mar 8, Wanted in Rome
  • Il Cardinale degli Scoiattoli, Dec- Studi Vetrallesi
  • Bellissimo! Fashion for men,  July, American Way, New York
  • Incanti nordici sotto le mura, Dec. Ville e Casali, Roma
  • La Donna del vetro d’arte-Fiorella Dentini-ott. Ville e Casali, Roma
  • Puro relax nel giardino di rose antiche-Feb. Ville e Casali, Roma


  • Buying a  Home in Italy, Survival Books, London
  • Viterbo and her Rose, translation, Primaprint, Viterbo
  • The Lake of Bolsena,  guidebook, translation, Nov . APT Provincia di Viterbo.
  • Kings and Cardinals in Vetralla,  Nov 10,Wanted in Rome
  • I Sentieri degli Etruschi-Case e Country, Milano
  • Antiche mura della Tuscia,   Case e Country, Milano
  • Re e Cardinali inglesi a Vetralla. Lug. Studi Vetrallesi
  • Scoprire in Sardegna le antiche isole ligure    lug/ago Ville e Casali,Roma
  • Re e Cardinali Inglesi a Vetralla, Oct., Atti della Società Italiana di Studi Araldici,  Oropa


  • A Modern Etruscan  Mar 4, Wanted in Rome
  • Dall’Irlanda con pedigree -Nov. Case e Country, Milano
  • Architects for the new millennium  lug/dic  Studi Vetrallesi
  • International Accents at Vetralla’s Museum, genn/giu Studi Vetrallesi


  • Getting into Hot Water,  Oct  15, Wanted in Rome
  • In Praise of Mud,  April 2  Wanted  in Rome
  • The Harp: A Rare Heraldic  Charge, Nov. Atti della Società Italiana di Studi Araldici,Torino


  • Tight wadded but not tight-fisted , Feb 14, Wanted in Rome
  • Simple lives of modern hermits, April 24, Wanted  in Rome
  • An old palazzo in Etruria  Sept 25, Wanted in Rome
  • Viterbo-Once a Papal city   Nov 6 , Wanted in Rome
  • Sarah Bannister, English Style a Sutri, Dec. Ville e Casali,Roma


  • Celebrating Carnival Country Style, Feb 15, Wanted in Rome
  • Il Fascino delle antiche dimore-100 Pavimenti Special,   May, Ville e Casali,Roma
  • Claudio Magagnini-lo scultore entra in palestra,  Nov, Ville e Casali,Roma
  • Easter with a difference, Mar 29, Wanted in Rome
  • The Mother of all theme parks, April 12, Wanted in Rome
  • More to life for the Trailing wife, May, The European, London
  • The Age of Miracles, June 7, Wanted in Rome


  • Hidden corners and courtyards of Rome, Mar 2, Wanted in Rome
  • Starry nights and feudal rights, April 13, Wanted in Rome
  • Etruscan Places and Faces, Sept 28, Wanted in Rome
  • A part in the Christmas story, Dec 21, Wanted in Rome


  • Soluzioni moderni per divani antichi, Jan/Feb Ville e Casali, Roma
  • Investire in Irlanda, Mar, Ville e Casali, Roma
  • Open House for antiques, Mar 17, Wanted in Rome
  • Book review  ”A Place in Italy”, Wanted in Rome
  • Eyewitness Guide to Rome,  Dorling Kindersley, London                                    rome guide
  • Romantica cena con sottofondo musicale al Picchio Rosso, Mar, Ville e Casali, Roma
  • A Letto con la storia, April, Ville e Casali,Roma
  • Country Antiques, April 28, Wanted in Rome
  • L’Eredità della Dolce Vita Romana, Aprile, Ville e Casali, Roma
  • Gustare il pesce irlandese-Sea view hotel, April, Ville e Casali, Roma


  • Axel Munthe’s Roman Castle, Feb 5, Wanted in Rome
  • The Case for Collecting Antiques, April 15, Wanted in Rome
  • Strange Rites of Spring, April 29, Wanted in Rome
  • Magliano Sabina and Gallese, May 13, Wanted in Rome
  • Bed & Breakfast nei Castelli irlandesi, May, Ville e Casali, Roma
  • Writers on Rome, May, Yes Magazine, Milano
  • Latium-Castle Country, June, Yes Magazine, Milano
  • How to find your summer place, June 10, Wanted in Rome
  • Bed & Breakfast in the country, June, Yes Magazine, Milano
  • Summer havens for antiques mavens,June 24,Wanted in Rome
  • Amusement parks Italian style, July 15, Wanted in Rome
  • How to nationalize your car, Sept 16, Wanted in Rome
  • An Autumn harvest of antiques fairs, Oct 14, Wanted in Rome
  • Armadi Antichi, Sept, Ville e Casali, Roma
  • Women in Roman History, Nov, Yes Magazine, Milan
  • The Craft of Centuries, Dec 9, Wanted in Rome


  • Antiques along the Cassia  part I , Jan 17 Wanted in Rome
  • Collect a Valentine, Feb 14, Wanted in Rome
  • Antiques along the Cassia part  II, Feb 28 Wanted in Rome
  • Irish Trivia quiz, Mar 12, Wanted in Rome
  • Connoisseur’s guide to Porta Portese, Mar 28, Wanted in Rome
  • Answers to Irish Trivia, April 11, Wanted in Rome
  • Buying books by Catalogue, May 9, Wanted in Rome
  • More on Irish Trivia, May 9, Wanted in Rome
  • Secrets of the Cassia , May 23, Wanted in Rome
  • Spring Antiques, May 23,Wanted in Rome
  • Spoleto Vademecum June 19, Wanted in Rome
  • Unique and unusual Museums, July 10, Wanted in Rome
  • How to find a job in the Eternal city, July, International Living  magazine, Baltimore
  • The Problems of being an American in Rome, July, International Living magazine
  • Antiques Agenda, Oct 2, Wanted in Rome
  • The Magic of Montalcino, Oct 16, Wanted in Rome
  • Florence in December, Nov 27,Wanted in Rome
  • Christmas Traditions, Dec 11, Wanted in Rome
  • Dove comprare oggetti d’arte a Mosca, Nov/Dec Ville e Casali,Roma

1989 /  1990 

  • G’Day Comrade, July, Australian Women’s Weekly, Sydney Australia
  • How Now, Moscow? Oct, Off Duty magazine, Germany
  • To Russia with love, Fall, Escapes, Germany
  • Moscow Handbook, June, Moscow Magazine, Moscow
  • Animal Man, June, Moscow Magazine
  • Fighting for the Pope, June, Africa Magazine, Ireland
  • East West Ensemble, Moscow Magazine
  • Pilgrimage to the Past- Zagorsk monastery,  July, Moscow Magazine
  • Kuskovo, Stately Estate, Sept, Moscow Magazine
  • Rome Celebrates first Canadian Saint, Nov 29, Wanted in Rome
  • Porcelain for Princes, Dec 13, Wanted in Rome
  • Making the Most of Moscow, monthly series, (with Corinne Bentinck)


  • Teaching jobs in Italy, how to choose an Italian school, Jan, International Living, Baltimore
  • Book Review- Agrippina Imperatrice,  Jan 15, Wanted in Rome
  • February, a fine month for antiques,  Feb 12, Wanted in Rome
  • Rome’s Irish Connections, Mar 12, Wanted in Rome
  • Ireland in 1787, an Italian view, March, Books Ireland,  Kilkenny, Ireland
  • Irish Rambles, March, Military Lifestyle, Washington DC
  • April for Antiques, April 9  Wanted in Rome
  • The fairest of the fairs, April, Mabuhay Magazine , Singapore
  • Summer Fun in Italy, June, Overseas Magazine, Germany
  • Garibaldi’s Blue Jeans, June 11, Wanted in Rome
  • When in Rome, July, Overseas, Germany
  • Antiques Fairs for the Fall , Oct 8, Wanted in Rome
  • A Heritage of Castles, Going Places, Rome
  • Rome as the writers saw her, Going Places, Rome
  • Montalcino Vademecum, Going Places, Rome
  • Women in Roman history, Going Places, Rome 1988
  • The Last Crusade: Fighting for the Pope, Jan/Feb Cara magazine, Dublin
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  • Making the Most of Moscow monthly series (with Bobby Meyer)


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