Rome, Fondazione Besso, March 25, 2014

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Great success for  the most recent presentation at the  prestigious Fondazione Marco Besso in the center of Rome, in Largo di Torre Argentina.

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The audience included  people from Rome, foreigners living in Rome, visitors  to the city who had heard about  it through the  international media and social media.

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Before and after the  1 hour  conference  visitors enjoyed exploring the magnificent  library and reception rooms of the  Fondazione.





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besso quadro & mj



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You are cordially invited  to the presentation of  Etruria Storie e Segreti

Fondazione Besso, Largo di Torre Argentina 11, Rome

Tuesday  March 25, 2014  at   5 p.m.

Speakers: Cristina Carosi, Francesca Ceci, Luca Pesante

With author Mary Jane Cryan and contributors Linda Lappin and Izumi Otsuki Steingräber


Edizione Archeoares /Etruria Editions




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